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Brainy Cuties

A Rating Community

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Twenty Auto-Accepts Left!

This is a new rating community. Members will be rated on their looks and their personalities. We need smart, sweet, cute girls. This community will have contests and points. Do not join this community if you don't plan on being active. The first twenty members to join will be automatically accepted, but still need to fill out the application.

You will be banned if...
*You delete an application.
*You display nude pictures.
*When applying you talk back to stamped members.
*You don't follow the rules.
*You are really rude.

* Subject line should read: "Am I good enough for you?"
* LJ-cut should read: "I am one brainy cutie!"
* Make sure all questions are bolded.
* Do not post anything until you are accepted.
* No commenting on your own application, it gets annoying.
* Do not talk back to stamped members.
* Apply only if you are between the ages of 16 and 21.
* Fill out the entire application or don't bother applying.
* Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES delete your application.
* If you are rejected and want to reapply please contact me first.
* No nude pictures, that will be an automatic ban!
* Be honest on your application, don't lie.
* Don't bother anyone on their personal journals unless you first ask permission, if I find out you went to a member's personal journal because you didn't like the way they voted you will be automatically banned.
* Application must be filled out less than 48 hours after joining.
* If you haven't been accepted or rejected within a week you can then e-mail me and ask what is going on.

Member Rules:

* No starting drama.
* When posting an entry place Stamped//Amount of Points in the subject line.
* Do not promote without promoting us first!
* Put everything under an LJ-cut.
* If you have a problem with anyone e-mail me at tumblegirl2007@hotmail.com
* I reserve the right to ban any member I feel has broken any rules.
* Inactive members will be deleted at the first of every month.
* If you change your username you must let us know immediatley, or it will be banned.
* Automatic ban for nudity!
* Votes can be "Yes," "No," or "Sway me."
*"Sway me Votes"
*Ask a question or have the applicant make something for you, let them know immediatley.
*"Sway Me" votes must be decided quickly
* Do not base your votes only on looks.
* Be honest in voting, don't vote the same way everyone else is just to make them happy.
* Give reasons as to why you voted the way you did. "." is not a reason!
* You do not need to vote if you notice the applicant did not follow the rules.
* Your LJ-cut should be the title of what you are doing (example: Ten things to do with your best friend...)
* You may earn bounus points for creativity.


Your Mod: